Best trekking and travelling clothes and gears in 2020

1  Backpack : Hyperlite Mountain Gear Junction 3400

55L, The Junction has a versatile pocket configuration that allows for ventilation and visibility in the front mesh pocket, while still giving you the durability and privacy of the hardline material on the side pockets. This will allow users to dry out wet gear, like clothing or a shelter, in the front mesh pocket, but the side pockets will remain durable and won’t develop rips or tears nearly as easily as mesh would.

Light, durable waterproof dyneema

1  polyamid trek pant

1  Vollebak 100 Year Shorts: Khaki edition. The only pair of shorts built to survive into the 22nd century.

Extemely durable, water repellent, stretch, fireproof

2  Icebreaker merino Tee-shirt

Durable, odor resistant

1   Woolpower Zip TurtleNeck 200

Extremely durable, odor resistant

1  Vollebak Mountain shirt

Durable, confortable, odor resistant

1  Vollebak 100 year vest

Extremely durable, fireproof

Eleven external pockets

1  Brynje Super Thermo T-Shirt

Extremely durable, quick drying, good for all seasons

3  Icebreaker boxers

1  Outlier slim dungaree

Durable, quick drying, water repellent

1  Gore-Tex Pro vest

1  Gore-Tex Pro shell Pant

1  Synthetic or down sweater hoodie

2  Brynje Active Wool Light Socks

Durable, breathable, odor resistant, good for all seasons

1  Woolpower Socks 400 Black

Durable, comfortable, warm, odor resistant

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